InLine Smart Home

Take advantage of the benefits of the home network

Independent of the manufacturer - without prior knowledge - in the four existing walls

Would you like to make your living area and activity more comfortable, safer and at the same time save time, energy and money with little effort?

InLine Smart Home offers you a simple, fast and above all economic solution. InLine devices are integrated into the existing home network and are not tied to their closed system. In this context we also speak of Wifi Smart Home in contrast to closed systems with a gateway. The control takes place via the app's smart life and free IFTTT independent of the manufacturer, widely used. It is possible to start immediately, connect services such as time, time or location and use the application scenarios and the automation of the user community. Devices are created and grouped via the user-friendly interface. You are not bound by InLine products. You can integrate other compatible smart life devices from other manufacturers into your home network at any time.

With InLine SmartHome you can reduce ancillary costs and look more safely and comfortably on your four walls, without prior knowledge.


The Smart Life app uses high-quality encryption technology (GDPR certification) and data centers in Germany to ensure data security for its customers.


For beginners, retrofitters and individualists

InLine Smart Home products are particularly suitable for retrofitting for Smart Home beginners. The products do not require special hardware or software and are not permanently installed.

It is not necessary to lay cables and install switches, sockets or the like permanently in the building.

All you need is a home network, free smart life and / or IFTTT apps and, depending on the device, a free power outlet or an E27 bulb socket.

Whether it's a new building, a garage or a rented apartment, you remain flexible and you can adapt the smart grid at any time to living conditions. Furthermore, older devices such as coffee machines, floor lamps or battery chargers can also be networked to a limited extent. Imagine the smell of freshly brewed coffee when you get up,

Smart Home: for what and why?


With the smart home network you can save time, energy and money, enjoy more comfort in your home and keep it safe.


InLine SmartHome products are suitable for homes, apartments, gardens, garages and outdoor areas.


With the InLine SmartHome series it is possible to make various analog devices "intelligent" and integrate them into the home network. Floor lamps and lamps with an external power supply (earth contact or European plug), old coffee machines, radio, battery charger (for example InLine Qi Light at the bedside table), toaster, electric kettles, Christmas lights, fans, electric heaters, routers WLAN and many other devices can be controlled with InLine products.


With the smart life app, not only can you create scenarios and automations and connect various applications and services, but you can also:

Share devices with family members

Create and manage rooms

Receive real-time alerts on your mobile phone.


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